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Muscle Injury and Training Question - Help!

I hope I’m posting this in the right place, but if not, mods please assist.

I tore the muscle right underneath the left side just beneath my ribs while stretching on the beach the other day - the one that connects to the back muscles. Its not bruised, but it’s quite painful. I have a similar pain in a muscle in my back as well - presumably my latisimus dorsi?

This is the second time I’ve injured this in 3 months. The first time I was out of the gym for about 40 days entirely - I was JUST getting back into my stride when this happened, as there was still a little bit of pain.

My back seems like it will be okay, but the other pain is pretty substantial.

My question is, how can I safely train around this injury? What exercises employ that muscle the least? I don’t want to lose another two months, and I really want to heal right.

Anybody have any experience training with this kind of injury?

Any and all advice is GREATLY APPRECIATED!

If you’ve actually torn a muscle twice in 3 months go see a Dr.

very rare to see a tear without an accompanying bruise to my knowledge.

I’ve had some severe strains that have laid me up for a month before, but no bruising, and ultimately no fibrosis/scarring.

On the other hand, had an MRI done for my back and I saw a good deal more fibrosis and scarring in muscles that I thought I’d only strained at the time.

If you’ve done it multiple times, to quote lolcats, ur doin it wrong.

Based on your description I have no idea if you’re talking about an oblique (side of the abs) or if you’re talking about yoru serratus (more or less between your lat and your pec).