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Muscle Inbalance?


I was born with a clubbed foot, and had to have surgery immediately after birth. Up until a year ago, it hardly affected my life at all, except having to wear orthotics in my sneakers, having my right foot be shorter than my left, and have a weaker right leg.

Now that I workout and train my legs hard, I feel like this clubbed foot has caught up with me. I feel it when I squat. It feels like it's all my left leg, and my right leg is hardly doing anything. It's also hard to keep both feet on the ground as the right one is weaker and shorter. Deadlifting is the same issue. I feel like when I deadlift my left leg is a lot stronger. Over time, this has translated to other parts of my body. I feel like my left lower back is much stronger, and it even looks A LOT more developed than my right side.

I can now feel it when I walk. It feels like my left leg is normal, but I have to think about every step with my right foot. My back is feeling weird, and my hip as well. I think it's a definite muscle inbalance.

Should I just start to train each leg separately? That would mean no deadlifts for me.

BW I am 22 and 185.


Nothing wrong with focusing on unilateral lifts and some focus under developed side outside of gym with unilateral super mans, calf raises, hip extensions. At some point jyou may be able to return to squats and deeds but you’ll always have a compensatory motor pattern.


I’d try using double orthotics on my right feet all day.

good posture is a MUST to prevent future injuries caused by muscle imbalances.