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Muscle Imbalances

Does anyone else notice a strength imbalance when using unilateral exercises. For example, when doing pistols my left leg is very strong and fluid. When I use my right leg I lose my balance and am unable to finish the rep in good from without holding on to something. I also can see my left pec is larger than my right.

Does anyone else have/had these issues and what did you do to correct. The thing that I find odd is that I am right hand and seem to have less strength in that side.

Thanks for the help!

Same here. Right handed, right leg was a lot worse, both balance and strength. Found out my glute medius was pathetically weak. foam rolling and tennis ball rolling are helping, after which I do supine bridges with a belt around just above my knees. Bridge up while attempting to drive knees out against the immovable belt. Is it working? yes. Am I faithfully doing it often enough to completely correct it? unfortunately no.