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Muscle Imbalances


Growing up, ive always used my right arm more than my left. I played alot of sports so my right arm and shoulder is noticibly bigger than my left. When I bench press, my right shoulder does most of the work so that my right chest does not get stimulated enough. So the left side of my chest grows more than the right side. Could anyone give me any suggestions on how to correct this and even it out? Thanks.


Spend 3 - 6 months on dumbbells only.


One- stop jacking off so much...

Two- do more compound lifts that require you to use all sorts of muscles. This should help you balance out. Since this showed up in the beginner section, I highly suspect your "imbalances" are mostly in your head. It takes a significant purposeful effort to actually creat a serious imbalance.

Everyone has a stronger arm, for most it's the right because they are right handed. It doesn't mean they have an imbalance.


Use the other hand for a while :wink: