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Muscle Imbalances


Hey guys,

I have been curious about something for a while. When doing a Westside type program or perhaps "Westside for Skinny Bastards," the trainee is usually performing exercises for the chest in a way lower rep range than is done for the back.

My question is, since the pushing (benching) muscles are trained much more for strength and the pulling (back) muscles are trained for hypertropy (maybe?) and minimal strength, are musclular imbalances bound to occur? I assume that Westside followers cannot pull (not as in deadlifts) as much as they can push, relatively speaking. Hope this wasnt too confusing...I'd like to hear anyone's thoughts.




Bump this 'cause I'd like to hear others thoughts on it too. I was thinking the same thing. I figured the best way to get the back involved with heavy lifting would be to do DLs on Wednesdays, but I don't know if that's adequate or not.