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Muscle Imbalances


Hi coach, I have the right pec smaller than the left one and the right triceps bigger than the left one because the bench I use to bench press was a little incline to one side.
What can I do correct the diference? Dooing an extra set for the right pec and left triceps?


How long ago was that and for how long did you train on that bench


It was from march to dicember of 2016. I stopped training for one month and restart in fabruary 2017 in a correct bench


I’m confused by your pec being smaller but the Triceps of the same side is bigger. I’d have to see an actual bench press on that bench.

For what it’s worth my right pec looks different than my left. When I flex it has a different shape, possibly smaller. My right arm is bigger. I’m right handed. I just chalk it up to having a dominant side and having no control over the fiber alignment and origin/insertion of my muscles.

It’s kind of like abs–they’re not always perfectly symmetrical and no training will change that.

Perhaps 6 months of dumbbell bench will tell you if it’s just your body or if you’re actually out of balance.


That would be my initial recommendation.

The pec/triceps “combo” is not unusual. My left triceps is smaller and my left pec is a bit larger. Nobody is perfectly symmetrical. But yeah, if you want to put the chances on your side use more dumbbells and make sure that you use the same mechanics on both sides


Okey, I’ll do that. Thanks for your answers