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Muscle Imbalances from Powerlifting?

CT, Would training for strength following a power lifting (very little accessory work) routine keep you balanced up to a certain point? If your goal is to be for a lack of a better word thin/lean.

Only when wanting to grow beyond a certain point would more direct training i.e arms, calves, etc. be necessary?

Ex: 5’10 150 lbs lean as opposed to 185 lbs lean.

First of all not all powerlifting programs have “very little accessory work”… Westside barbell training is 80% accessory work for example.

By balanced I assume you mean having all muscles with good strength rations. The answer is maybe.

A minimalist approach (only a few big lifts) work if you have no muscle dominances, in other words if all your muscles are already in balance and if you levers allow you to load all your muscles optimally. But that is RARELLY the case… in most people one muscle will always tend to take over, leaving under stimulated.

So I will say that for a balanced physique most people will need to use accessory work, mostly to target their weaknesses.

You need additional work if some muscles are not responding to doing only the big basics. Training should be planned to fix your weak points.

BTW 5’10" and 150lbs lean is an endurance athlete, it’s not a serious lifter…

Yeah CT my company physical therapist who worked with a lot of lifters while getting degree, said powerlifters are notorious for weak rotater cuffs do to the, shoulders forward from all the pressing.

Shit. I’m not even an endurance athlete then :frowning: