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Muscle Imbalance

What are the most common and serious muscle imbalance self-caused by beginners who make their own training plans?

Too much benching not enough rowing is probably the most common and causes shoulder problems.

Also neglecting the legs.

To much front-shoulder, to little rear-shoulder.

arm imbalances and chest imbalances

Oh yeah, and to little shoulder-joint work.

Aside from what was already mentioned, I’ve seen plenty of people with Quad-Hamstring imbalance, which usually leads to knee and/or posture problems

Ham glute and hip.

The back


I work at a gym and notice a lot of it, pretty common to what people have already said. But neglecting the legs is the biggest one by far imo, and they always have some excuse as to why they don’t train them.

“Oh I climb a lot of ladders at work, that’s a pretty good leg workout for me”

I’ve been focusing mostly on shoulders but I aways did both front AND rear…
Now I also started squatting but I guess I’ll have to do more legs exercise otherwise there’ll be some leg imbalance …
There are so many different exercises and too little time…

For squats vs. deads lets say, what’s a healthy ratio?

[quote]Skrussian wrote:
For squats vs. deads lets say, what’s a healthy ratio? [/quote]

My squat (full squat) is about 70% of my deadlift, not sure if that’s a healthy ratio, just what mine is. I’ve always been surprised when people can squat more than they are deadlift, not a big deal either way though.

Too much benching and not enough rowing for me personally :(. I am fixing this now.