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Muscle Imbalance


I've been suffering from neck and shoulder problems for about a year now. I recently went to a physiotherapist and was told that i had a slight scholiosis (brought on through 1 leg being longer than the other) and my upper back was a lot weaker than my chest (probably due mostly to my scholiosis and natural lifting habit with it) - which had the effect of my shoulders always pulling forwards and hence causing this problem i had with chronic stiffness and slight pain.

My question to you guys (as i forgot to ask the physio and just going in and asking will probably cost me another 34-50 dollars) is if, while correcting the muscular imbalance, i should continue to train my chest, or should i cut it out completely until my pulls are as strong as my pushs?


I wouldn't quit it entirely, just cut back on the intensity and possibly frequency.