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Muscle Imbalance?


I read Mr. Poliquin's article about balnce between muscle groups.

My 1RM on close grips is around 132 lbs(normal bench 160lbs), my 1RM on chins is 235 (I weigh 147,5lbs). Does this mean I'm imbalanced??? I started doing Cuban rotations recently (I use 24lbs; I read they also help your chins+ my close grip benches hurt like hell. So I stopped doing them). Should I do more pressing work (my strict military press 1RM is 110lbs)?

Thanks, BT


Many have use the norms in that article with great success, including Joe DeFranco.

The only thing I could never figure out is why the close grip bench is the standard by which other lifts are judged?

To a wrestler or a mountain climber, the bench couldn't be more important than chinning and pull up strength.

Am I am wrong?


Where do your close grip benches hurt?


I think first half... or was it first three quarters?
Any idea why?
The pain is in the shoulder.
My shoulder doesn't hurt on chins, presses behind the neck or chins behind the neck, though.


Do you keep the elbows tucked at the sides, and also the scapula pulled together in back, or do your elbows go out sideways?


Tucked, scapulas tight and retracted


I suggest trying slightly angled variations, either incline or decline by propping either end of the bench on 2-3 2x4s. Don't go more than 6 inches on the decline. For me, the totally flat bench causes pain here (I think its the bicep tendon) but if I change the angle just a little, its no problem.