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Muscle Imbalance

I’ve been keeping a log over in the training logs section and have been making some steady gains for the last couple of months.

I have started to notice some muscle imbalances show up and want to know what a good take on the problem is.

Particularly chest and arms. The left side of my chest is bigger and stronger. On the last few reps of bench when it gets hard, I can feel the left side take over and do more of the work. In addition, my left arm is smaller and weaker than my right. When doing triceps or biceps I can tell my right arm does more work on the last few sets.

Is it enough to add in some extra sets of the weak part only? (single dumbell press on chest, and single triceps and biceps work)

Im still a beginner so I want to try and correct this early.

Just to make note. I have been adding a few extra sets of single arm dumbbell presses for my chest and similar stuff for my arms.


Just do DB work for a while. Do only as much as you can do with your weak side, and everything should catch up. doing an extra set or two for one side probably wouldn’t be the best solution.

I’m sure others will chime in with more advice.

No other advice needed, IMO. DB work will force the weak arm to do its fair share.

Beginners always have muscular imbalances. Professionals always have muscular imbalances. Keep training, follow the others’ advise, and the imbalances will be minimized. They won’t be corrected, but minimized.

Thanks guys,

So is the extra work for the weak side worthless?

Or should I work with dumbbells and add extra work?

Just do your regular routine, but use dumbbells.