Muscle Imbalance Problem

So here’s the deal. I’ve been on WS4SB for about the last six or seven weeks or so, and it’s working well.

The problem is is that I have a few imbalances that I would like to address, but I’m not sure how to incorporate them into my routine.

My right trap is radically smaller, and my right delt is much weaker than my left side for both muscles. Also, my right arm is a good deal bigger and stronger than my left side. Now I’m in no way coming close to stepping on a stage or anything like that, but I know that if I address these imbalances it’ll only help pay off in the end, and create more stability on some of my lifts.

So, does anyone have any suggestions how to incorporate ways to address my muscle imbalances on my current program?

which lifts did you do with improper form to create these imbalances ? try them with better uniform form

I’ve had a problem with a triceps/pec strength imbalance, which led me to two pec strains. What I can suggest is for you to do unilateral exercises to even things out. If you’re not sure about the extent of the imbalance, then you can check things out by comparing the strength of the muscles on unilateral strict front raises for your delts (maybe seated), and unilateral shrugs of some kind for your upper traps.

I’ve invested a lot of time in addressing my imbalance because it was actually destroying my progress, but it’s up to you whether or not this is something that’ll go away with proper technique or something you need to specifically address.

Here’s what I did

-strict unilateral exercise
3-4Xrep progression to 10, increase weight 5 lbs. and reset reps

for example:

week 1: 20lbs. X 8 reps X 3 sets
week 2: 20lbs. X 9 reps X 3 sets
week 3: 20lbs. X 10 reps X 3 sets
week 4: 25lbs. X 8 reps X 3 sets
etc. . .

I used that progression with two unilateral lifts a week split into two separate sessions with good results.

Try some unilateral exercises with a specific system to measure your progress, and keep doing bilateral exercises but knock the volume down some and up the intensity. I recommend this because you’re going to be doing more damage to specific muscles than before. If you keep the intensity relatively high on the big lifts you won’t lose strength while you address the strength/size imbalances.

Oh ya,

If the strength imbalance is really bad, don’t do any of the unilateral exercise for the stronger muscles. Otherwise, you may consider doing half the reps you did on the weaker side for the stronger side. That should be adequate to keep the other muscles from losing strength.

I’ve opted to not do anything for my left triceps because it’s good for 4-5 more reps than my right on all exercises. Pretty shitty.

Yeah, that sounds like it could work. I suppose instead of favoring bilateral exercises like barbell shoulder press, I could do more exercises like front raises and shit. Thanks for the advice.

Press with dumbells, shrug with dumbells, curl with dumbells.