Muscle Imbalance-Lats

Hello All,

I have been working out for one year now. Use to be a runner 5 miles a day. Got tired of looking like a lung on toothpicks. I am 6ft 4inchs and started lifting at 170-175lbs now i am at 205. Good work for a tall boy!
Now to the question. I have a horrible imbalance in my lats. I can fold my right lat out 2-3 inches and for a long time my left lat was flat. Finally got my left lat to move out an inch or so, but I know this imbalance is messing up my presses and making my shoulder hurt more.
Any tips on how to correct this would be much appreciated. My work out and diet are below. if you wanna hit those too thats great.

Current diet.
5-6 meals a day (1 cup rice, 1 chx breast,fish,or, steak,some veggies) (breakfast is usually oats and a shake,)
snacks are boiled eggs,peanut butter, fruit, cottage chz (b4 bed too)
4500-5000 cal (did not gain weight for awhile till I upped the carbs and the cals)
250 protein
On Whey Shakes and Mass gainer to supplement meals.
I take aminos, joint supps, and some creatine on and off.

Work Out:
3-4 days a week (depends on recovery)
Day 1: Chest and Triceps
Start with a clean and press 3sets of 5
Incline Press (dumbell) 3 sets of 5
BB bench 3 sets of 5
Decline Bench 3 sets of 5
Cable Flys 3 sets of 6
Overhead tricep ext 3 sets of 6
French Press or Cable Push downs 3 sets of 6
Dips 3 sets of 6
Abs (leg raises, crunches, ab ball,etc)

Day 2: Back and Biceps

Start with straight leg dead lifts 3 sets of 6
Conventional Dead lifts 3 sets of 6
T Bar Rows (i just put a BB on the floor, my gyms got that crappy padded thing) 3 sets of 6 *If lower backs busted from DL I go to the hammer row
Wide grip chins 3 sets of 8
Lat pull downs 3 sets of 8 ( I also do the hammer lat pull downs that allow you to move each hand seperatly, I put a little more weight on the left side or do a little more reps)
Rotater cuff work ala the cable machine 3 sets of 6
Lateral DB raises (back bent a little and arched to hit the upper back,pour out the water!)
Some days I do DB rows and some days bent over rows.
BB Curls 3 sets of 6
DB Lying curls 3 sets of 6
finish with abs

Day 3: Legs, Legs, Legs

Squats 3 sets of 6
Leg Press 3 sets of 6
Calve raises (3seated and 2standing) 5 sets of 12-15
Wide leg squats 3 sets of 6
Front Squats 3 sets of 6 (if I have anything left)
Some days I sub the conventional squats for front squats
Finish with hack squats (BB behind your back, not the machine)

Day 4: Shoulders

Clean and Press or Clean and Snatch to warm up 3 sets of 6
Behind the neck press 3 sets of 6
DB Lateral raises (standing, slightly arched back but not bent forward) 3 sets of 8
DB Lifts 3 sets of 6 (don’t know what they are called but you lift the dumbell out in front, drop down then out to sides= one rep)
BB or DB Shrugs 3 sets of 8
Arnold Press 3 sets of 6
Forearms if I did not get them on Day 1.

Thanks again, sorry bout the long post, any help is great!

Do unilateral pulling with the weak/smaller side as the limiter or simply add sets for that side. Like a cale pull down with one arm db rows etc etc