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Muscle Imbalance/Injury Issues


hi guys, looking for advice on some muscle imbalance issues. ive been following 531 for the last 6 months (BBB Challenge the last 2) and while my strength has gone up nicely im seeing my left side is developing differently than my right in strength and size. bc of this imbalance, i am getting injuries more frequently as well, and i feel its halting any good progress. i really don’t want to take time off and lose my gains (i KNOW you’ve all been there), but i am thinking that perhaps some time off and following a unilateral template may be in order. any insight would be really appreciated, its a pretty lame setback.
thanks again.


You need to see a PT - doing some DB work ain’t gonna solve shit.


i know jim :disappointed: i have an appointment with a PT in a week and a half, so i’ll see what gives then. thanks for the reply :thumbsup: