Muscle Imbalance in Arms

The long head of my right bicep is bigger than the long head of my left bicep and the short head of my right bicep is smaller than the short head of my left bicep and to top it off, my left arm sleeves are getting tighter while my right arm sleeves are still the same. Any solutions??

What’s your height/weight?

155 lbs and 5 feet 10"

At that height and weight, you are emaciated. The imbalance, if any, is likely due to your dominant hand.

Add 20lbs and the imbalance will likely disappear.

If you need help with diet and routine feel free to post what you eat daily and your routine.

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I’m 16 so idk whether that’s the average weight for me but apparently it is and I’ve put on 4 lbs of lean muscle in the past 3 months and I only started working out 3 months ago. Add 20lbs to…?? My diet consists of chicken breast, mixed vegetables, steak, Turkey deli meat, whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, almonds and for breakfast 3-4 eggs. Pretty much the basic stuff. I honestly don’t know what my macros are and I work out 6 days in a week with a day off. I do chest triceps and abs, Back biceps and traps, shoulders legs and calves respectively for 6 days

If you want an above average physique, you’re gonna have to have an above average weight. Good work adding weight, at your age you should be able to continue for quite some time.

Your girlfriend… Knock her up. That’ll help.

Seriously though, add 20lbs to your body and you’ll likely fill out imbalances. I played baseball my whole life and my right shoulder is larger from throwing, my left forearm is larger from swinging and my right calf is .5" larger than my left. Every pair of jeans is snug on my right calf and loose on my left. Imbalances happen, just hope they aren’t in your cards cause those are hard to fix…

At 16, no need to be terribly accurate. Just make sure to get a lot of protein, and eat more than a Kardashian. No worries if you have a few bad meals. IMO Just don’t drink soda, that’s a horrible habit to form now.

That’s a list of body parts, not a routine. At 16, go run and play sports. When I was 16, I played a handful of sports and lifted maybe 2-3 times a week. I did tons of sit-ups, push-ups and squats/jump squats/lunges/etc during sports practices.

Also, what’s your goal? Imbalances will correct themselves with time.

My goal is to build muscle and cut down on body fat. And yeah I stopped drinking soda when I started my diet and I only drink soda when I’ve gone for like a special occasion and that’s really rare lol. And I don’t really have specific days for targeting those muscle groups, I pretty much just work on them after 48 hours and after the second leg day of the week, I take a day off and move to chest after my rest day

Want does your routine entail, exercises/reps/sets? Are you on a program? Make it up yourself?

Greg Plitt’s MFT28 and Jim stoppani’s shortcut to size combined. I feel like the mft28 targeted each muscle group every week which was really pointless to me but the exercises were good so I stuck to that (8-12 reps to failure). I find that those are the exercises that benefit me the most so I combined it with the shortcut to size routine and meal plan cuz the liquid diet seemed ridiculous to me

Your 155 at 5,10 you should concentrate on about 10 lifts done hard and eat like an animal . Try monday legs squats, leg press, deadlift variation , wed military press , incline dumbell presses, bench press, bench dip or reg dips . Fri one arm row, chin ups or pull downs, hammer curls , then standing straight bar curls, at the end of every workout do a couple sets of abs and calve high rep, unless you are in other sports where you run alot. Eat red meat, pasta, drink milk, chilli, eggs, continue vegetables you should taking in around 3000 cal a day, if you wake in middle of night pound down some milk or protein shake, with a bowl of spaghetti. When you are 18 do you want to be 165 12% bf290 sqaut 200 bench, or 200 pounds 420 squat. 275 bench, 14% bf

You are combining two intense programs? One for 4 weeks and one for 12 weeks?

Your biceps are the least of your concerns.

And, you are not eating enough.

And, I can guarantee you are using light weights ( too light) for the programs.

Again, you need to stop worrying over irrelevant fluff.

You need to start concentrating on one program, your diet and consistency.