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Muscle Imbalance Help


A question for all of my fellow T-Nationites. I've only been training for 5-6 months now total, so I am pretty much a complete newbie when it comes to strength training. The thing is, the maximum amount of weight I can lift in calf isolation excercises, (standing and seated calf raises) far exceeds the amount I use in any other excercise. Using the calculator on exrx.net, I figured my max on these lifts to be right around 470.

For reference, my bench is somewhere around 120-130. Recently I started using CW's progression on these lifts in his ABBH program, and discovered that while I can pretty easily do full ROM calf raises with 375, it kind of strains my upper back. Should I keep doing these, or should I switch to something else on those days? Is there anything I can do to protect my back from these large loads to which it is not accustomed? Thanks for any help you can give!


calfs grow fast and thay like reps I would suggest add +10 reps + 2 sets or double pump the rep, toes pointed in , toes pointed out , toes pointed straight......fun fun fun


I suggest getting stronger. :wink:

As long as your technique is solid and strict throughout the set, you should be fine. You could try switching movements, from a machine calf raise to a standing barbell calf raise, there won't be a stretch at the bottom, but you'll be using more full body support strength and stabilizers, which will dictate using less weight.


Thanks Minotaur, I'm already switching between seated and standing, maxing out at the same weight on both. I guess I will just get stronger. It felt better today when I did it. You get some weird ass looks though, when you squat 175 and calf-raise close to 400. :wink: