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MuSclE imBalAncE.....expert needed

i am out of balance…my shoulders are somewhat rounded forward and my quads and hip flexors are pulling my pelvis forward big time…what should i do?..i squat more weight than i deadlift and i bench more than i row…i also bench more than i deadlift…i guess i’ve never really got the perferct form down on deadlift so i use dbs and the trap bar…i think this could be the thing hindering me…should i focus strictly on my hamy’s and back until i correct things?..ian king recommends stretching out the opposing but i don’t think just that would correct the problem…im stretching them out everyday now but i think i need a program geared towards my weaknesses…i would like to continue on phase 2 of get buffed but all i see it doing is furthering my problems…can anyone please recommend a workout to correct this problem as quickly as possible…perhaps working back, hamys, and abs twice a week while ignoring chest and quads(or doing maybe two sets of each a week…at the end of the week)…i think i wanna figure out the form to do regular dls and up my strength there…which will prolly take care of both imbalances at the same time

I think you answered your own question! Emphasize your weak bodyparts in your training and stretch everything a lot.

Yes, you definitely answered your own question. Remember that all muscles work in pairs. If you only work one of the pairs you will be off balance. We naturally tend to use our front muscles more and the back ones get little attention, except for upper back. Stretching is good but you do need to work your lower back, hams, abs to even things out. Rounded shoulders are a matter of posture. Concentrate on standing straight and pulling back your shoulders.