Muscle 'Hypotrophy'?

Hello all,
I’ve recently visited an orthopedist because of some clear deviations (one shoulder higher, tighter hip flexor on one side etc). While clear these arent major issues or cause disconfort. Had some x-ray done and there is a small degree of scoliosis on my spine, but he noted that while my pelvis has a side lateral tilt, my legs are the same length.

The thing is, my left side is clearly stronger and bigger than my right, and it seems this may be the cause of the spinal/pelvic tilting, and while feeling my right pecs and traps the Dr mentioned there was muscular hypotrophy. Now I can’t find much about “hypotrophy” (it was the first time I ever heard it), but it seems it may be interchangeable with the word atrophy?

I have been trying to bring up my lagging side (it’s my whole goddam right side), but it just seems lazier and not as responsive, so I kind of suspect there is a less efficient neural connection/pathways on my right side.

Anyway, thoughts?

[quote]lcsilva wrote:
Now I can’t find much about “hypotrophy” (it was the first time I ever heard it), but it seems it may be interchangeable with the word atrophy?[/quote]
I’ve never heard that term either, but it would technically make sense if it’s the literal opposite of hypertrophy, so yeah, I’d figure it’s essentially the same as atrophy.

Can you flex the muscles on the right side, without weights, like you can the left? Just wondering. It’s of course not uncommon to have one side stronger and/or bigger than the other, but it’ll certainly be more noticeable since you have legit underlying issues. I’d also be sure to address whatever you can with tissue quality work (foam rolling, mobility work, stretching of all sorts), in addition to whatever weight room changes you’re doing.

I can flex my right side muscles individualy, but lets say I flex my right bicep, and then my left bicep, the left flex feels stronger, more solid, somehow more “fulfilling” mentally lol, if that makes any sense. I’m actually right handed and never did any sport or noticed any behaviour where I would favor my left side. That’s why I suspected less neural efficiency. Even the left side of my face feels somewhat more contracted.

Flexing my right glute does bring my left shoulder in line with my right, so it may be a good place to start, right glute and QL.

Anyway, thanks for replying, my biggest concern was if Hypotrophy was connected to some kind of degeneration.