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Muscle Hypertrophy Help!


Well I'm kinda new to this site. I want to get HUGE! My friends think I'm big but I don't think I'm big at all. I'm 5'3, 155 6% body fat. My measurements, Arms 15, Calves 14, Thighs 24, Chest 42, Waist 28, Wrist 6.5, Ankle 8.5. Heres my diet, Meal 1, Cup of egg whites, 1.5 cups oatmeal, 4oz cup 2% fat milk. Meal 2, 30g Protein, 9g Creatine, 5g BCAA. Meal 3, Cup of brown rice, 4oz Chicken or Salmon .5 cup Broccoli. Meal 4, handful almonds, 1 cucumber, .5 cup carrots, cup of rice, 4oz chicken. Meal 5- 4oz steak roundtop, 5 asparagus sticks, almonds, broccoli. Pre workout meal, AderNOlyn bulk, 1 orange, 1 tablespoon peanut butter. Post workout, 5g BCAA, 9g Creatine, 1 serving Chips Ahoy, 30g Protein. Meal 6- .5 cup rice 4oz chicken. Bedtime meal, 1 cup cottage cheese.

WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? I'm eating! Going to failure every set, 8-12 reps! I need help. My goal weight is 170 at 5'3. I get so stressed out that somedays I wanna take steroids, but I don't want the affects. I want down to the bone criticism, I WANT TO BE BIG.


Give us your workout. Exercises, weight, sets, reps.

How long have you been eating that way? Why are you taking 20+g of creatine?

Pics of 8%.


Squat 4x8-10 315 bench-165 4x10-12. DBShoulder Press 40 4x10-12. Barbell row 135 4x6-12. Yeah I know my upper body isn’t very strong at all. Except for squat, I’ve always been pretty goods at that. Until recently I’ve felt depressed and feeling really unmotivated. I’ve been eating like this for 4 months.


No I don’t do that every single dayhere’s my split. Shoulders calves, calves chest, quads hams, calves back, calves shoulders arms. I do assistant exercises on all days I typically do 5 to 7 4x8-12.


Don’t go to failure every set. Mix up your rep range, don’t always stay in the 8-12, dabble in the 3-5 range every now and then.

Also, it’s harder to gain muscle without being willing to put on a little bit of fat. For a long time I was around 149 and 7-8%, even got as light as 141 at 5-6%, but once I allowed myself to get up to about 10%, I was able to put on muscle much faster. Now sitting at 166.

On a side note, eat some fats. You want to get big, but only eat the egg whites, and 2% milk. Healthy fats are used by the body in numerous ways, one of which is hormone production.


[quote]ReneSoccer98 wrote:
1 cucumber[/quote]

I found your problem. Up this to 2 cucumbers. That’s what your doing wrong. Research shows the number of cucumbers consumed in the second meal of the day is the primary determinant of neuromuscular development.


Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:


Will do, thank you very much!


Maybe your playing too much football (soccer)?



Yeah your probably right lol.