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Muscle Growth

I’m 59 years old and have been lifting for a little under a year. While I have seen weight and inches of waist loss, I have not seen much muscle growth or strength increase. I’m sticking exclusively to upper body because of a terrible set of knees. Has anyone got any suggestions? Not looking to go into competition, just want some significant definition.

You have to ask yourself about 3 things, i believe anyone can help me if they know of others.

#1 Are you eating healthy?
This means, are you getting enough protein, fat and carbs? Protein being of utmost importance.

#2 Are you exercising properly?
This means compound lifts, and if you are only sticking to upper body lifts it may be part of the problem. What is the issue with your knees? I know there are some people that know a good amount about knee pain, hopefully they can chime in.

#3 How is your testosterone level? Maybe you should take a look or try out Alpha Male.

These are in no particular order, just 3 things to look at, though I know the #1 priority is dealing with your knee pain. Let us know how it goes!

post your workout routine, schedule

First time using this kind of thing…
As for adding muscle; there is a lot more specific information necessary before anyone can accurately answer your question as it applies to you. Be encouraged that you’ve had nearly 60 years to get where you are; don’t waste your time on generic answers.