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Muscle Growth with No Training?

I have a weird question. How is possible to grow in muscles with no training? I know a lot of people and i have a lot of friends who never train in their life but they have a lot of muscle mass, of course with fat.
Mostly i saw it at fat people who are sedentary and eat a lot, but also i saw skinny people did the same thing. They are gaining fat but also muscle mass. I know that a muscle need to be stimulate to grow, but that people are sedentary and still build muscles. Im very confuse.

I saw with my eyes that is possible. I have a friend who has been fat and huge. He was sitting all day on PC and ate junk food. He decided to lose fat and started to eat clean. The only training that he did was running, without weight training. He lost all fat and looks like a fitness model. His muscles are very dense and vascular. He never used steroids or any supplements. Another exemple, another friend, who has been skinny but he was training before. One year ago he got a job and stop training and start to eat a lot of fast food. Now he is huge with fat but also a lot of muscle mass. So, how it’s possible? How our bodies really works? I think this is the proof that food is the most important thing and the training is not really important when you want to grow in muscle mass, but its important when you want strength, resistence and fat loss.

What do you think guys?

Everything is important.

Genetics and some sort of resistance.

Either manual labor, sports, etc.

My friend Rob comes from an athletic family. He doesn’t lift, but he’s always been athletic looking and cut as fuck.

It took me 2 years to get to a 315 back squat. It took him all of 15 minutes. That’s life man.


Food is anabolic.

Training is catabolic.


This could get interesting

Everybody has their own level of untrained development. Some people just obfuscate it with food and training.

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I think we’re not all clones that are rolled out of a factory and look exactly the same and respond exactly the same to every stimulus.

How is this not common sense?

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Because of solipsism.

I think you know two guys that might be genetic outliers… if they are as impressive as you say.

Brick masons never need to go to the gym. There are many jobs that will make you very strong.

Are you asking because you want to not train and build muscle or just out of curiosity?




Jason Blaha has “reported” plenty of muscle growth on his youtube videos and I have yet to see him do anythign even close to a productive program or diet.



Jason Blaha is a fat clown.


Did you expect this question to be answered or was it rhetorical in nature? Dont think the OP is going to do so… shocking I know.

that sacrilege ! :wink:


I think fat people who have big calves are just like skinny kids with abs or fat chicks with big boobs.

It doesn’t count.

He’s got that there all-day, functional muscle!!..


Having watched this move at least a dozen times, this is the first time I have looked at that scene and wondered why the lights weren’t on.

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Damn you!

It actually looks like the lights were on but they were just too weak to light the room. In Soviet Russia, you illuminate lights.

Also, worst chinup and overhead press ever.

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Yes, it is possible not to train but grow muscles and fats. I have seen the same happen but in my case, I attributed it to the nature of work the guy does. I know a man who works in a timber yard. he has put on plenty of muscles but when I tried to inquire from him how he was managing it, I was shocked to learn that he had never stepped in a gym. The nature of his work revolves around lifting and moving timber from one part of the yard to another.