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Muscle growth rate

I have a problem.

I am beginning to think that my training is not working. I have been going to the gym 5 days a week training every body part for the past four months properly. I get sore and my body weight and lifitng weight has increased i.e.

Incline Dumbells is up 30 pounds total:
Latpull downs (pull ups) is up 30 pounds as well.

Am i seeing proper results or is this too little for four months?

Jeepers…be patient. I would have to say that increasing 30lbs in ANY lift is pretty darn good!!! And the fact that you did it in 4 months speaks volumes! Great work. Just keep up the hard work and keep training hard. As long as your loads are increasing, than you are doing fine. Take care…Tony G

bob: the results looks fine… What are your goals? Also personally I think you’ll be better off w/ a full-body work-out routine 3x a week focusing on compound movements…

like Tony G say Be Patient…

Since you just started you’ll get a surge of strength and size increase, then obviously diminishing returns later down the road. Your increases are definitely on the right track. I would have to agree with fitone, but instead of doing a 3x or a 5x, just drop down to a 4x/week routine. A little harder to jump from 5 -> 3. There are plenty of routines here that would benefit. Just keep it up, and keep us posted if you have any problems or program suggestions.

building a quality physique takes years and years of training, nutrition, rest, etc… dont think it will happen overnight. you have to be patient.

Thanks for the RE: guys but the problem is im an ectomorph (the shitty body type) im 6’6" 215 13% bf, tall and used to be lanky, but im starting to build. My metabolism is faster then the speed of sound.
Heres where i stand.

I do sets of 6-8 lets say:
Lat pull: 150
Incline bench: 140
Squat: 250

Do these goals look reachable by the end of august

Lat pull: 185
Incline bench 180
squat 325

once again thanks

read the massive eating articles, and pick one of the training programs from the previous issues sections that are inline with your goals.

What is your diet like? Diet could be a key factor here. You might not be taking enough protein or carbs for growth.
However, I have to agree with everyone else, that your gains do seem quite substantial in the period of time you are talking about. Give it time, you will see visible differences. Also, you might not notice them yourself because you see yourself every day, ask people who haven’t seen you in a few months to judge.

Drop the lat pulldowns and do pull-ups, chin-ups, and other variations.



Allow me to second the last two posters. Admittedly, if you can’t do more than 5 chins, a decent program involving them will be difficult. Consider something like Poliquin’s lat workout;

  1. Pick a number between 30 and 4000.
  2. Do sets of pullups until you reach that number.

And then take three days off. Repeat.

Do that and your pulldown numbers will go through the roof. Not that you’ll care, having graduated to a chinning bar.


“…the problem is im an ectomorph (the shitty body type) im 6’6” 215 13% bf, tall and used to be lanky, but im starting to build. My metabolism is faster then the speed of sound…"

  • Which is ALL THE MORE REASON to train less often and more intelligently, and to think about your DIET primarily!

    Listen to fitone, Tony G, Landon Evans. You’ve made great progress from what you’ve said, but NO I don’t think this progress WILL continue if you train and eat the same way in the NEXT few months.

    As mentioned above, beginners can make substantial gains on virtually any routine. But the longer you train, the smarter you have to get in regards to training and diet to keep those gains coming.

    Oh, yes, and one of the key things you need to realise, is that as your Lean Body Weight increases, your METABOLISM and CALORIE NEEDS also GREATLY increase.

    All the info is right here at your fingertips- get reading! Good luck. SRS

(BTW- why is being an ectomorph “shitty”? I can think of many trainees (endomorphs particularly) who would DIE to have the potential an ectomorph possesses to make GREAT gains in LEAN body mass with just a basic training program and eating a s**t load of good food. Very few people are PURE ectomorph. Don’t make excuses!)

haha it is shitty because…i well used to ve very skinny and i am long, my shoulders arent wide? i dont know it just doesnt seem appealing. BUT! i have seen my body type in good shape with some muscles and i prefer the results over any short, wide-shouldered guy.
i have been training seriously for four months. it seems pretty pathetic but when i first lifted a weight i was fat and 180 lbs had to be 20% fat. i put up 95 twice. now i can put up 180 twice. (for every body part it was this way, i couldnt even do a chin up.)that was in march last year i stoped working out in the summer and started again 4 months ago, and now im serious about it. I def have a good diet, well i think i do. i get my protien (40g) per meal and my healthy fats (fish, olive oil, omega 3,6) in with a decent amount of carbs. No junk!

I know its going to take me years to reach my goals i was just a little upset when i go out and my college friends who i havent seen go “joe doesnt look any bigger then when we last saw him” well all they see is my arms but…anways my dad says im getting bigger so whatever ill show them a thing or two this summer at the beach. thanks for all the help guys.