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Muscle Growth on Biweekly Surplus


Hey guys.

Was wondering if I keep a slight calorie deficit(-200 to -500) 5 days out the week (High Protein & Fat/Low Carbs) and a huge calorie surplus(+1000) 2 days of the week (High Protein & Carbs/ Low Fat) will I be able to see muscular growth on the 2 surplus days and still be able to maintain weight if not cut down on the deficit days.

Was hoping low carbs throughout the week would lead to slin sensitivity in order to enhance the effects of carbs on surplus days. Also hoped that an overall deficit or maintenance of calories throughout the week might help attain the goal of a similiar or lower bodyfat.

I've read plenty about recomping but my issue is I don't need growth on every muscle every day, just one in particular.

Thanks for your help.



I dont agree with this idea, why not give your body what it needs to grow every hour of everyday, not feel hungry during the week and then bloated on the weekend.


That is a funny statement. Please, explain.....



I am more than happy with the size of the rest of my body. Only muscle I want bigger is my chest. I would prefer my other muscles don't get any larger actually.

Thanks a bunch for the article btw!


I know you will do what you want anyways, but get on a program for full body. Unless your legs are like Tom Platz and your chest like Pee-Wee Herman, nothing good will come out of neglecting a body part because you "think" it is big enough....


I will in no way be neglecting other body parts. Will still be hitting them hard and aiming for strength gains, I just don't want any more growth in other muscles. Want my chest to catch up with proportion of my body and I am honestly more than content with the size of the rest of my muscles. Not into the whole huge look plus I'm going into a family business and the whole bodybuilder look often comes with a negative connotation in my area.


Bullshit! You are either going to grow your complete body or you are going to waste a great deal of time and energy. Your body doesn't give a shit if you are content with it's current size or not. It only knows if you if you are working it hard enough to cause compensation.