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Muscle Growth in the AM or PM?


I was told that lifting weights in the am will produce greater results than lifting in the pm due to testosterone levels being higher in the morning. Is this true, and if so are the differences that great? Keep in mind that I am 34 years old. Thx!


test is higher in the morning, but i think a more important factor is are you a morning person? theres no way i can bring my A game untill about 6 - 8 hours after waking, its just how i am


Test might be higher in the morning,but is it that hight to make significant changes?


just sounds like OCD bullshit. it doesn't matter if you lift at 10am or midnight, just fucking lift.


Sounds like garbage to me.

The most important thing is to train consistently.


Hey OP, wrap your head around this:

Training can lower testosterone levels and break down muscle, so if you train when levels are at their highest, aren't you pissing away an oppurtunity to grow? Wouldn't an evening lifting session be better, so then those higher morning t-levels can be used to help rebuild what was broken down the night before?

/fueling the OCD fire. Back to reality...

Just eat and lift hard whenever it's best for you and your schedule. Don't sweat this minutia.


This made me laugh, I do this to a buddy of mine all the time(who actually has OCD) to make him sweat a bit when he's overthinking weight training things.

Agreed with the last 3+ posters about training whenever you feel ready and your schedule allows. I've trained in the mornings and evenings and the only thing that mattered in whether I progressed was the effort I put in and the amount of food I ate. Having said that if it was up to me I'd train around 11ish in the morning because I like to feed a lot after training, I think it helps me recover slightly better.


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