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Muscle Group Work Out Question


I'm not new but have been had several people tell me different on this issue..

First off I look off here and you have something like this:

Monday: Chest and Triceps
Tuesday: Back and Biceps
Wednesday: off
Thursday: Quads and Hamstrings
Friday: Shoulders, Calves, and Abs
Saturday and Sunday: off

But then I talk to my good friend who is playing football for BYU who is absolutly huge and he tells me to do something like this:

Monday: Chest and Triceps,Shoulders
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: leggs,back,Biceps
Thursday: off
Friday: Run
Saturday: off
Sunday: off

So I asked my friend wouldnt you grow fast if you focused your workout on 2 muscle groups or 1 a day? and why your chest and biceps so close to one another???

Anyway can someone clarify this for me?


Your workout looks fine, bodypart wise. The only thing is that you only train them once a week, try one day light, couple days later heavy. larger muscle groups need longer days rest like 3, smaller 2.

His workout will not work for you, either will your workout work for him. "Law of individual differences" everyone is different, you have to find out what works for you. I'm sure you noticed ,since you are not new, all the different workout variations on this site. There is no "best" workout.


Looking at his workout he must be a right fratboy. I hate it when people show their workouts and just say "legs" when they've listed every different muscle group in their upper body.


i like doing something like this,

mon: heavy upper
tues: light lower
wed: off
thurs: light upper
fri: heavy lower


In my opinion your workout is much better than his. I myself prefer a total body approach but as it stands I see no point in doing alot of tricep work on a day you already gonna be benching and overhead pressing( atleast thats how ya should be training your shoulders and chest)

I mean if your only gonna work out twice a week I think total body is the only way to go,that way every muscle group gets hit atleast twice.


go to the left of your screen and under "articles" click on "training"

you will get ton's of highly productive training ideas. Doing what someone else does just because they are big isnt a smart way to train. You need to educate your self about different training methods and find what works best for you.

from my experiance body parts splits are less then optimal and training muscles more freaquently has alot of advantages


I couldn't agree more. I also have noticed that I'm alot less sore when I train Total Body than say 14 sets of arms and then not being able to lift my arms over my head the next day.


It all depends on your goals and how well you know your body. Since your goal is size (I'm assuming based on your "grow faster" remark) then Waterbury's workouts are the best. Also you could try Westside for Skinny Bastards.

Good luck.



I'd say focus on movements, not parts. IE- instead of monday being upper body, monday can be horizontal press and pull day (like bench and row for example). Then for another added option, it can either be heavy or light, like previously suggested/posted. Then you can have tuesday be either a hip dominant exercise like deadlift, or quad dominant like front squat for example, or you could do just a normal back squat, or even better, trap bar "squat lift". Then that can be the opposite of monday (heavy or light). Wednesday would be off, then you do it all over thursday and friday, but reverse the "heavy" and light" schemes, and if you picked a quad dominant exercise for tuesday, do a hip dominant one, and vice versa. That's how I would prefer to do it.