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Muscle Group Breakdown

Hi there, i keep reading articles about balanced total bodybuilding which refer to an endless line of exercises, and if i want to assimilate these into my workout i fear im working on blind faith.

you know the weight machines in the ‘fitness suite’ parts of gyms where the machine has a breakdown of muscle groups used, with red colour being the dominant, green being 2ndary and yellow tertiary groups etc.

im aware of most muscles used, but not so aware of the distribution of stresses on say a pull up, and which muscles can stand overlaped use and those that cant.

finally im looking for the small detailed differences to tweak my exercises, for example the difference between a front facing inner wrist and an ear facing inner wrist on a dumbell shoulder press.

is there some kind of article/link/page/database on this site or any other that has as complete a range of the exercise-muscle group links as possible?

thanks ;]