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Muscle Groping Freak



Guys at this site better watch out.


"Arobieke, under a Sex Offences Prevention Order made in October 2006, is banned from "touching, feeling or measuring" any muscle areas."

Well that's something you don't hear every day.


he's definitely got a case of the ghey.


Holy shit! Five years for that. It's going to be funny when he's in prison. I bet he'll get raped and beaten for shit like that.


why was he banned of touching 'muscle areas' only this means that if he grabbed the guys cock and bollox instead he would not have been prosecuted?


Exactly what I want to know.


Hmm, maybe not, he's 6' 7" and is a dab hand with a tape measure - no one is safe.


Didnt we have a thread about this awhile back? Some guy on the forum asked about feeling other guys muscles? That was weird.