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Muscle Glycogen

Glycogen (Muscle)
Muscle glycogen is extremely important for bodybuilding, since it’s the primary fuel that powers anaerobic training, such as lifting weights. Glycogen that’s stored in a muscle is available only to that muscle because muscles lack a certain enzyme, glucose-6-phosphatase, that’s needed to release glucose into the blood. Muscles can absorb glucose without insulin, which why exercise helps prevent diabetes.

This is a definition I found in another website.

It brings up a few of questions:

If muscles can absorb glucose w/o insulin then what benefit does a PWO insulin spike have?..To shuttle vitamins, minerals, etc or better glycogen storage?

If we glycogen deplete a particular muscle group and don’t replenish it fully while our other muscle are glycogen loaded, will the depleted muscles always take precedence on any glucose in our system?

If our chest is glycogen loaded and our back is depleted. Will our next back workout be substandard while the chest one is up to par?

Is the definition accurate?

Muscles can absorb glucose without insulin, but insulin triggers a different pathway, and can increase glucose uptake significantly. Something like 200%.