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Muscle Glycogen Capacity

Does anyone know how to calculate the amount of muscle glycogen that can be stored in a given amount of muscle? I’m considering starting the anabolic diet soon and I’m trying to figure how many grams of carbs to eat on the weekend without going overboard. Clearly a guy with 200lb of lean mass needs more than someone with only 150lb lean mass. Any thoughts?

The average person holds around 450-600 grams of glycogen in their muscle mass (plus i think around 50 in their liver). I don’t that course was indepth enough to cover amount for lean mass.

I’m pretty sure I saw actual values somewhere on this site - here we go:

“A trained individual can store up to 40g of glycogen per 100g of muscle tissue. So if you’re gaining ten pounds of new muscle (4545g) you’ll also increase glycogen storage by around four pounds (1.8kg). So if you gain ten pounds of muscle, your scale gain will actually be closer to fourteen pounds (if you didn’t gain any fat).”

from here: http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1268956

from my knowledge i believe its about 80-100 liver and 300-400 in muscle depending on the individual