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Muscle girl @ school

What could I do to get that muscle girl from school in here? She just told me today she’s squatted 185 & uses big weights, can’t stand girls who go to the gym just to watch the guys, knows what strip sets are & doesn’t use machines. I think she could contribute lots to the forum, what do I tell her? (without holding a gun to her head or something of course)

Funny, I thought strip sets were where you take off an article of clothing in between each set…

Say, “Hey, good lookin’, slide your sweet ass over to www.t-mag.com and have a look around. If you like what you see, check out the forum. Now, how about a little action?” I know I’d be interested :wink:

Uh, you could tell her about the site, to start, and if she already knows about it, tell her how cool all the people that post on here really are and how much fun she’s missing by not being a part of it. Or–you could volunteer to give her a “guided tour” of the site and all its options. Hence, you will get her interested in two things: YOU and T-mag.

Why would you want to bring her here? Marry her, you fool! I’d do it in a splitsecond - all women in my gym either use stationary bike for an hour and go home or even venture into the unknown teritory of abduction and adduction machines for a couple of minutes.

I’m with Axy, why haven’t you married her you fool!!smacksmack* Something about sweaty breasteses.