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Muscle Gaining for HS Football Player



I am a 6 foot 180lb sophomore (inside linebacker) looking to gain as much muscle as possible in the next 6 months. I am around 20% body fat. Any advice on supplements or a muscle mass diet that I can follow? Thank you


Lift heavy, eat plenty.

Since you asked about supplements I’ll recommend protein powder and creatine monohydrate, also a good multivitamin. Just keep in mind that they’re called supplements for a reason. Patience and hard, consistent work are going to pay off more than any supplement will.


^All of this.

Eat lots of meat and vegetables, some fruit, dairy if you like. Peanut butter is a good idea; one simple way to add weight is “Eat everything you normally eat, and before bed have 1 cup of whole milk with a mighty glop of natural peanut butter and a frozen banana.” I would stay away from sugary stuff in general, but since you need to gain weight and you’re probably training pretty hard, you might be able to get away with some crap (cereals, pop tarts, ice cream, stuff like that) if you’re having trouble putting weight on.

Supplements are not critical, but at your age I would recommend a simple whey protein powder first, with creatine monohydrate next.


I would also try supplement wise some ZMA before bed, I’m a big camper and ZMA seems to completely neutralize this. Just something to try if you’ve ever had that issue, a lot of athletes are zinc deficient also


Thanks for the advice!

Jason Olmo


Thanks for the advice. I will look into ZMA

Jason Olmo


Solid dietary advice above. Dont forget to move as well if your an athlete trying to put on size. You dont wanna make the mistake of focusing all your energy into putting on size you avoid “cardio”. Aka dont get fat. Do your agility drills and sprints 2 times a week as well as incorporating jumps and throws so you can learn to move your body explosively with the new added mass. Lift big weights on the compound lifts, eat big and move like a linebacker. Remember speed kills on the field and in athletics. Good luck.