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muscle gain

before t-mag i was going nowhere, after reading everything on here i went from 140 at 12% BF to 180 at 20% BF in 5 months. The BF % i determined/monitor every day with a bio-electrical-impedance scale. I gained all this weight by eating healthy BUT, eating everything in sight and lifting smart. Tons of meat/bread/veggies (no junk food at all) etc, deadlifts/squats etc…

My question is… i want to cut down, and get back to 12% bf which will get me around 160-165lbs. I’m doing all this for sports and carrying that 20lbs of extra fat around is starting to get to me (really affecting my performance).

if i stick to a smaller diet, and a diet that would have me eating every hour like i do now (cept it would be more fruit/veggies than bread/peanut butter and tuna :), can i still make alot of progress with my muscle gains?

my goal is 190 at 12 % BF, im 6’, I don’t use any suppliments except protein/flax.

I guess my question is, given a 5 month period, if i were to cut down to 165 at 12% BF, could i gain about 10-15lbs of muscle without really ‘bulking’ (instead i would just be trying to stay ‘anabolic’ by eating all of the time but way less and the stuff i would be eating would be more veggies/fruit instead of things like milk/bread/peanut butter etc).

replies would be very helpful, since bulking and eating everything in sight is all i know :slight_smile:

heil t-mag

I was going to have Biotest send you a couple of bottles of HOT-ROX to help you out if you agreed to post your results on the forum, but it looks like you faked all your info in your profile. Sorry, I’m sure you’ll get good advice on this thread though.


It very hard to say if you could add 10-15 lbs while cutting your calories and losing body fat. Younger guys can often gain muscle and loose fat at the same time but I don’t think anyone can give you the specific answer you are looking for. Based on what I’ve read here, you are generally better off focusing on bringing you BF down and then switching back to bulking mode.

Oh and great progress, about 20 lbs of lean mass in 5 months. Good work.

You can’t be slave to two masters. Sounds like you want to cut first and add 15 lb of muscle second.

That said you should start with a food log including calrories, grams of protein, grams of fat, and grams of carbohydrates.

Also, check out this back issue

Chris- send that Hot Rox my way. I just started cutting.

That’s a shame he faked his info…I guess I will have to take the Hot Rox for him…

chris, thanks for the revoked-offer :), my goal is cutting/bulking without any suppliments though. btw chris i’ve told many people about this site, and they are amazed. just keep putting this insanely-valuable mag up & thats all i will ever need.

back to my q: i guess after thinking about it and in one of the replies i have gotten, i think i will cut down to 165 12 % then maintain for a bit then try to bulk again.

i dont know it just seems counterproductive for me to bulk even more because my fat % is sky rocketing. with the path i am going i will get to about 190 with almost 24% BF (and that would suck ass).

ANYONE ELSE HAVETHESE PROBLEMS! i guess i come to the looking good nekkid forum because this is where alot of the bulk/cutting goes down.

though i am interested how my vert will be when i cut, it went up about 4 inches after gaining 40 lbs (20 extra fat, 20 musssl) :slight_smile: posterior chain, box/speed squats, good mornings, etc…

ok peacethanks for the replies

I just got circumcised.Do I get a prize for that? :slight_smile:


–welcome to this game… there are no shortcuts.

Give Tdawg 2 a go with moderate cuts in cals. Many ppl have been able to lose BF and gain or at least maintain LBM.

Go a little below maint. If you arent slowly losing bf, then lower it another 250 kcals @ a time.


cut it down to where you want then try to add some mass. however this time keep in muind that you dont need to get fat to build muscle.