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Muscle Gain?

I’ve been lifting 5x5 style for the last five weeks. I’ve been using the T-Dawg diet also. I have not lifted prior to this in about 9 months. I am trying to drop some body fat while retaining muscle. Today I weighed myself and I weigh more now than I did before I started lifting. I don’t know what is causing weight gain. Maybe creatine? Where can I get a set of digital fat calipers? Could some of the weight gain be muscle?

Of course it could be muscle man, and probably is, if you had not lifted prior to this and started up with a good program. I dont think calipers are nessecary, just look in the mirror and watch the scale.

I do feel that my muscles are a little fuller. My clothes still fit pretty much the same. I think that I’ve gained about 5 pounds scale weight. Maybe I’ll drop calories a little more.

Why are you taking creatine when you have just started lifting? (Btw, the excess water weight and a little bit of muscle gain is probably those 5 lbs you gained).

Get your diet on track, then get your routine in order, and stop wasting your money on supplements like creatine if those other things aren’t in order

What is the mirror telling you?