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Muscle Gain Stalled


Hello everybody, typical introduction, first time poster long time lurker. I’ve been lifting for roughly a year and half, I’m currently 19 and started when I was a senior in high school. Started at roughly 170 pounds, 6’3", now I am 6’4" 207 roughly depending on the day. Took a lot of hard work to get to the point I am now, but my lifts and my weight gain have seemed to stall. Right now I’m eating roughly

five meals a day. Usually that will look like:
Eggs with oatmeal in the morning (if I’m extra hungry possible sandwich from chic fil a)
Peanut butter sandwich in between classes
Chicken and rice for lunch, chipotle, etc
Almost always ground beef and rice while at work
Dinner will vary, but most of the time I’ll eat some type of meat with veggies and pasta, then just have the same thing after the gym when I’m done training.
My training has definitely varried over the past, right now I’m still doing the https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/tried-and-true-bodybuilding-program-template just becuase the split really feels the best, and reading through the bodybuilding thread supports that topic.
When I first started lifting, gained weight fast as expected with a beginner, was crazy skinny and lean, and I’ve managed to keep some leaness you could say, but definelty have more fat since when I started. To sum up all of this, do you guys think it comes down to me just having to eat a lot more? Change my training? Or what, my weight is stalled and my goal is to ultimately just have a solid, muscular physique. Here are some before photos and me as of tonight after lifting.


First off, that’s some solid progress and a pretty good physique for where you’re at. Well done.

My question is do you know accurately how many calories you’re getting daily? At 207 lbs at what I’d guess is around 12-10% bodyfat you’d need around 3800-4200 calories per day to grow. Are you getting that?


No last time I looked I was hitting a rough 3400-3600 calories on a typical day. And thank you.


That most likely is why your growth stalled. Up your calories and see where you’re at in a month.