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Muscle Gain Spurts and Traditional Bulking Ideas

Hey Thib,

Have been thinking about this for the last few days and couldnt quite figure out if its complete bullshit or has some truth to it, so I figured to ask about it.

You wrote in a thread that muscle gain happens in spurts, like waves(sometimes comes a big one, then a few small ones, in between nothing etc.). And you often talked about cases of clients who experienced big waves like that in your articles too.
In these muscle gain spurs the body needs more calories to build muscles compared to times without these spurs. If we imagine someone has a big growth spurs of 10lb muscle in 2 months, he would need around 300kcal (if we assume that the body needs 1700kcal per lbs of muscle) as surplus per day, additionally we have to consider glykogen etc. and the energy it costs to actually build that muscle we probably are talking about 400kcal per day.

The problem is that we wont use the growth potential of that time with a moderate surplus of around 200-300kcal per day, especially if we consider daily fluctations of activity level.
At another month where we build only 1lbs in 2months we actually have a big surplus and are gaining fat.

Traditional bulking on the other hand (500-750kcal surplus) will build the potential muscle in the growth spurs even with daily activity level fluctations, but will lead to greater fat gain in the other month.

So especially for people with the ability to shred fat fast without losing much muscle and having a hard time with building muscle, traditional bulking should be better. Is that complete bullshit on my part or a real thing?

And another question about these muscle growth spurts. Is there any way to know if you have one at a certain time or not? As example I see many people gaining many pounds of muscle in a few weeks/months when they changed to a training style fitting their neurotype. Had the same experience myself when completing the type 1b neurotype plan. So there is probably some type of trigger in the body to activate these spurts.

I know my english isnt good. Im from germany and only learned at in school a few years back, sorry for that,

Best regards