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muscle gain for women

sup people. one of my girlfriends has an absoluetely gorgeous body, but could use some added thickness in the thighs and calfs. she has a very very fast metabolism (no fat whatsoever on tummy). what would she have to do in order to add mass to her legs? any supplements that might help? thank you

How about picking up her calories? In other words: what’s her diet like now? Don’t worry about supps until her diet is in order.

As well as training. For thighs and calves, I would think squats (obviously), deadlifts (for glute/hams), front squats, maybe even reverse hypers. Here's a past T-mag article good for both ham and calf training: www.testosterone.net/articles/157exp2.html

BUT: before you put her on a program, has she weight trained before? And if so, how long has she trained?

Be sure to consume an adequate number of calories and protein. Basically stick to multijoint movements and vary intensities.

Thank you
Coach Hale