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Muscle Gain Advice

I’m 15 years old, 5’8 and 140 pounds.
I want to compete in powerlifting by the end of next year and i’m looking to total at 1600 pounds. My total is currently 900 pounds. I need to build some muscle and i have been looking into high fat, moderate carb diets but what’s your advice?

Eat a balanced diet slightly above maintenance, pick up heavy shit.


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Reality check time kid … The 148 lb weight class all-time world record raw total Is 1542, by Tony Conyers one of the greatest lifters of all time.

Still, you have a great start at your age. Eat a lot of wholesome foods and make sure you get a lot of protein so that you can grow and recover between training sessions. There is no ideal diet, and there is a world of knowledge to be had regarding proper nutrition.

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To echo max, remember realistic goals and time frames. I would say that at your height with lots of good clean and heavy lifting you’ll outgrow that weight class in a year. Keep up the training and diet and post any questions man. This forum helped me when I was younger, it will work for you too.

Valhalla Awaits

was this done in a actual Meet?

This. Assuming your 900 lbs was set in a sanctioned meet, by end of 2017 you’d be doing well hitting 1100 lbs. Even 1000 lbs would be a decent improvement.