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Muscle Fullness on Low Carb/Keto


Any way to look full when on a low carb or keto diet? I am not on one just curious as to how a physique athlete combats this issue?


Read The Anabolic Diet by Dr. D. He talks about weekly carb ups and how they effect the physique.


If you’re on a keto diet, then it won’t really be possible to look “full.” That look is accomplished by already being very lean, and when you have enough glycogen in the muscle to push up against the skin, you look full and tight. No glycogen=lack of fullness, or “flat.” But, a physique athlete would typically deplete, and then carb up before a show to get that full and tight look. Having some carbs pre workout would help, and as @Basement_Gainz mentioned, weekly refeeds.


I’m in Keto and have found that manipulating sodium and water infake/timing helps with feeling depleted. But the others are right, carb re-feeds will get the muscles feeling full again.


I went low carb for four or five weeks and then keto for a week and I was flat as a pancake. I can dig up a picture. I was like skeletor.




This is day one, lesson one stuff: it’s called carb cycling.