Muscle Fullness Issue

My muscles always feel great during and right after a lift. Nice and full. Why do they always look and feel so flat the other 90% of the time?

They are certainly going to be/look more full after training as they are engorged with blood. Once the blood leaves the muscles you will look flatter again. What does your carb intake look like? If i’m dieting and eating lower carbs I walk around glycogen depleted and flat. If carbs are higher the muscles will have more glycogen on board and you will look more full. What does your diet look like?

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I get anywhere from 360 to 460g of carbs per day.

Well your def not gonna walk around pumped like at the gym all the time even with the carbs you are eating. In your other post you mention training to failure most of the time. You may still be depleting yout glycogen stores.
Are you trying to stay lean or grow? You avatar looks like you are pretty lean. Boost the carbs especially around training and see if you start to get the look you want.

I’ve achieved the leanness, trying to gain the muscle now. Just feel flat all the time. Maybe it’s just my mind games.

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I’d say you’re just human; I think most of us feel that way. The good news is, as long as you’re getting great pumps in the gym, that’s a solid indicator that you’re in a good place to build muscle


You could just possess a very critical eye. And of course, a muscle “pump” feels significantly different than not having a “pump.” It is a very confident feeling, being full and tight feeling. But you cannot keep a “pump.”

What does the mirror tell you? From a competitors perspective, It can be beneficial. Some competitors seem to grow on stage as they flex during comparisons.

Do you have any pics comparing pumped with “flat” taken the same day (or week)?

Just keep in mind, there is no feeling quite like a “pump.”