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I was wondering, how come people seem to make fun of this magazine? I notice in the articles on this website M&F is often derided as a magazine for newbies?

I hate to admit, but for several years that magazine was my main source of information until a couple months ago when I discovered Testosterone Magazine. But is there something WRONG with the information in M&F?

Read the Ghost Dawg articles. That should give you a good run down.

I have found if you look at most Fitness and Bodybuilder Mags they have an Annual cycle. Each month every year is the same. ( ie every May is a major issue on Abdominal training, March is a special on Arm training etc… )
Plus i have found they more research i do concerning nutrition they can generally be 6 mths to a yr behind. These a re just a few observations i have made. Welcome to the Tmag family man.

You said it yourself:

NOW, after reading a issue of Testosterone, go back to a M&F. Hmmmm, notice anything?

That magazine assumes we are bodybuilding fans. Most people aren’t, they just want training info. It also assumes that pros give good training and diet advice. They don’t. Most of the info is outdated too.

Someone once called those types of mags “fetish porn mags” or something like that, and these days that’s true. Also, M&F has always dodged the roid issue. It’s a farce, especially with young guys thinking that they too can look like those guys just by following the stupid training programs in the magazine. It’s insulting to anyone with half a brain.

This article sums up why most of us hate M&F and pro bodybuilding in general these days -

Yes, most of us started out reading that mag, not because we liked it but because it was the only thing out there. With T-mag, we don’t have to read that garbage anymore.

M&F have pretty much the same articles each month. How to get massive guns, how to get a massive chest. It’s all generic programs and not much thought are put into them. Then the nutrition information is garbage too. I read M&F for about 5 years till I found t-mag. I don’t even think there is a comparison between the two. The only thing M&F did for me is to teach me how to do the basic exercises.


Actually, their programs are not for “newbies” but, rather, for roided up professionals with gifted genetics that can do 25+ sets per bodypart. The rest of us mortals need to take a more sensible approach or suffer the consequences of CNS overtraining. That’s where T-Mag comes in!

Also, a lot of dieting advice is useless. I notice in M&F and the like, that many of the “Get Massive” intended diets have caloric values of 1900 to 2000 calories. So unless your 93 lbs it’s of little value

Wow, just read this:

ask TEK suggested. Seriously gave me something to think about. Interesting read yet somewhat depressing. I had no idea it was like that.

Nevertheless, i still think that M&F magazine ocassionaly has some useful information that is just interesting for the casual read… but definitely will no longer be my major source of information. I’m so happy to have found this site.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

M&F is seen everywhere, T-Mag isn’t. It is our job to spread the word and get everyone training and eating smart.

“Tis better to light one candle than curse the darkness.”

Muscle and Fitness and Muscular Development actually have current research sections which have their moments. Of course, a lot of it is rehashed from other places/issues, but you just have to separate the wheat from the chaff. Other than that all of them are mostly just trash-for-the-masses who dont know any better (and could really care less anyway).

M&F same old stuff. As where t-mag give you a real training program no bullshit.

“Nevertheless, i still think that M&F magazine ocassionaly has some useful information that is just interesting for the casual read…”

Yes, but the question is: with so much on the “information” that M&F puts out being wrong, how are you to decide whether any particular thing that you’re reading is right?

If you’re into it, use M&F, Flex and the other mainstream mags to clip pictures out of and hang on your walls for motivation. But for god’s sake don’t read the damn things. You’ll only confuse yourself.

Heck did u guys see the last Muscle and fitness w/ arnold on the cover talking about his training. What crock of crap they say he still does that High volume training to prepare for his new T3 movie. Not only that he uses machines not too much free weights. Was this article for real! Arnold come on. I guess he still can train like that and see gains but thats what he does all day and gets paid for it. And we don’t we have to work for a living.

By the way for the most part I call MF= Muscle and Fiction,

Flex= Flexsion

get the picture.