Muscle & Fiction does it again!

Consistantly on the cutting edge, M&F does it again with their training recommendations this month. On one page they talk about box squats with a decent article about their benefits. On the very next page there is a “How to curl in the squat rack” article. I kid you not. Classic.

I was going to post the same thing, but you beat me to it. Luckily this was my last issue, but unfortunately, I will no longer have my monthly comic relief regarding training.

Why are you even reading that crap?

Haha oh yes…I was SOOOO pissed!!
Great, another generation will arise of idiots with no legs curling in MY SQUAT RACK.
I’m going to start just taking barbells out of their hands.

I subscibed to M&F a long time ago before I was a T-mag regular. Now I’m just to lazy to cancel my subscription I guess. At the very least it’s entertaining reading. Regarding the squat rack etiquette, I just got my power rack from New York Barbell and soon I’ll be lifting at home. Then they can curl or kick back or do their anterior tibialis work or whatever else they want in the rack because I gives no F@#&!!!

(I too bought a rack from NY Barbell, but that isn’t the point of this post.)

The real test for you will come when you go to do curls in your home gym with your new rack…will you be able to do them in the rack or will you have to step out of it. I started to curl in my own rack but heard the voice of a thousand lifters yelling at me and had to step out…


I’m with Bedz, why the hell do you even open that sh*t, why even mention that name.

Anyone else see the Mike Mahler/John Berardi advice near the back?

Dan “I read it in line at the Grocery Store” McVicker