Muscle Fibers Twitching

Not a big deal. A small section of my left triceps muscle near the elbow has been twitching constantly for three weeks. Not noticeable except when I try to sleep. Neither working out nor rest has any effect on it. Any ideas?

From the title I thought you were just getting cramps but seems like not. I’ll just ask questions so everyone can get more info to work with.

Anything else? e.g. pain, loss of strength, tingling or numbness other things feeling off in other places like stiffness or pain in the neck?

Has this gotten better worse or the same since it started. Does anything make it better or worse like a certain position like sleeping?

My shoulder and forearm do this all the time, especially during baseball season. Do you take magnesium?

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No, it just twitches constantly, day and night. No other symptoms at all. Doesn’t get better or worse regardless of work or rest. May be I strained it somehow. I’m 65 but work out pretty hard.

Good observation. I take a multi-vitamin but, checking it, see it doesn’t contain magnesium. Maybe I need to find a better one. Worth a look.

Try acupuncture, stretch, and get a massage.

Funny thing. Found my multivitamin had no magnesium. Started taking magnesium citrate per a doctor show discussing the subject. Forgot all about the twitching. It’s been gone a long time.