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Muscle Fiber Types

I’ve read that doing too much low-intensity drawn out cardio can tax your type I fibers too much (after time) causing the type II fibers to do the work for them. And as a result of this, they eventually take on type I characteristics and lose their explosive type II characteristics.

My question is this: is it possible for this situation to go the other way? Can you somehow someway get your type I fibers to take on type II characteristics? Or is this just wishful thinking?

Also, if an individual has done enough drawn-out aerobic work to possibly cause some of this “type II changeover” what should be done to reverse this process? Just lift lots of heavy shit as explosively as possible?

haha, I guess I am SOL for ever being very explosive. As you know I am a road biker, and I am now doing 12-15hrs a week on my bike. Still doing heavy and explosive weights, and now doing more sprints on the bike.
i bet my vertical is still under 20 inches.

But I am fast enough to drag race cars from stop lights, well sort of.