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Muscle failure

I read that accumulation of lactic acid causes momentary muscle failure. I reach failure but I dont feel any muscular fatigue. Whats wrong and what IS causing muscle failure?

It depends on what rep range you’re using (I think). When we did erg tests (I was a rower), we were told that going ape shit for the 1st few strokes (~10 seconds) wouldn’t hurt because the glycolytic system (whatever that is) was working, so no lactic acid was getting produced. If you’re doing sets that only last 10-15 seconds maybe that’s why you’re not feeling fatigued & that’s why people die after doing a set of breathing squats.

After a good butt kicking work out, Latic acid develops inside your tired ol body. Stretching, lots of H2O and deep tissue massage can reduce the amounts of lactic acid. This pain is a sign that you are pushing the body to extremes. Your routine may not be at that level yet. Peace

How many reps are you doing before you reach failure? Certainly, you are not going to feel muscular fatigue if you are working with a lower rep range. The reason why you cannot do another rep in this rep range is simply because your muscles are not strong enough to do another repetition with the chosen load. If I put 500 on the bar and weight comes down to smack me in the chest, i have reached muscle failure, however no muscular fatigue has occured.

Im doing bodyweight workouts with almost no rest intervals between sets so it heavily engages the glycolytic bioenergetic pathway. They used to burn me in the past but not anymore.

If your reps are below a certain number you will fail before you get into the Anaerobic Glycolysis energy system due to the force required for muscle contraction under present loads being greater than the remaining energy + rate of energy replenishment capable by your body. If you did drop sets or forced reps or negatives at te end of the set you probably would feel the burn. These require lots of recovery though.