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Muscle definition

My profile is 6ft tall and 160 pounds, I have been working out now for about two years. I have gained about 15 pounds since I started working our but I would like to have greater muscle definition and better tone. What supplements do I need to take or do to attain greater muscle tone?

Food - best supplement out there!

Don’t concern yourself with supplements too much, as most people shouldn’t even think about taking any because their diet is so messed up. Clean up your diet and you’ll be suprised how far it takes you.

At your height and weight, it sounds like you’re pretty lean already, so eating clean but putting down some substantial calories should pack a few pounds of quality mass onto your frame.

6ft and 160?? You need some mass my friend, all I am gonna say. Trust me on this, at 6’1" and 183 I still look like a damn beanpole. Worry about getting some serious muscle, when you hit 190-200 then think about the muscle tone. Cos nobody cares about your abs if a strong wind can snap you in two. Oh, and, from information I have gleaned off fellow posters; this “muscle tone” you are looking for is actually more muscle, and less fat, no real way to make muscles “toned”.

You left out some key stats, such as your age and sex. A 6 foot 160 lb woman with an average frame and a low body fat level can accomplish your goal with a few tweaks. A 6 foot 160 lb male, 18 years old or more needs to add 20 or more lbs of muscle, before worrying about tone and muscularity (you need some meat on the bones before you can show it). If you?re a male under 18, it takes more time for some guys to mature enough to become muscular.

In any event if you?re a guy, and you only gained 15lb in two years, quit eating like your little sister, and start moving some weights (SQUAT, DEADLIFT, BENCH, ROW, HIGH PULLS, PULL-UPS, etc.)

how about this idea? READ T-MAG!

Yes ren is correct muscle tone is more muscle, less fat. To achieve this eat clean quality food, train with heavy weights and do some cardio.

oh shit your gonna get flamed for this!

after the 20th guy coming in here asking for this kinda advice, flaming gets old. I used to be like that, kinda, so I know how they’re thinking. All I had to do was hear goldie rant on that need some mass thread or whatever it was called and I considered being toned and under 200 to be pointless.

First off, at six foot and only weighing 160, I’m guessing you’re a fairly skinny dude. I’m 6-1 and weigh around 185-190 pounds, and could still stand to gain another 10-15 pounds to look real solid.
You need to start consuming more calories, i.e. EAT MORE FOOD!! That’s the only way you’re going to gain. Supplements will only help so much. As the word implies, they should be used as a SUPPLEMENT to your diet, not to be used as the primary ingredient.
If you must, must take a supplement, get some Surge for your post-workout nutrition. Also, a multi-vitamin wouldn’t hurt. Eating good, real food will take care of the rest.
Check out the Massive Eating article for more detailed help.
Good luck!

Oh yeah, I forgot to address the definition part. Get some size on your frame first and then worry about definition!

Since this is your first post I?m guessing you might be relatively new to T-Mag. If so go through a bunch of the old issues relating to diet (FAQ is a good place to start). I?ve used Massive Eating ? Part I, Part II and liked the layout a lot. At your current size I think you should avoid cardio and realize the concomitant fat (minimal) that comes with a bulking stage. As Hogan said I wouldn?t start worrying about supplements until you have everything dialed in?I?m 6?0" 180lbs. so I?m learning some patience too (and that I’m a rail). Also, depending on your age, 15 lbs. in two years of training isn?t much. Make sure you have a solid training program that reflects your goals?learn to love compound exercises. Testosterone Magazine 244 | The Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program is probably the type of thing you want. See what the more experienced people have to say. Ryan.

For a bodybuilder: 1st goal is to get a reasonable body mass, 2nd goal is to get a reasonable definition of this body mass. For your tallness, we are talking of about 207 lbs. Take one of the many T mag hypertrophy programs, forget cardio (you can put on some fat), drink milk and eat good food, ensure proper recovery.