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Muscle Definition and Getting Strong


What is up Alpha males..

Quick 'where im coming from' and a question at the end of the page.

Some time ago I ended my gym membership, atleast where I used to do weight lifting. I do muy thai and boxing, muy thai I have been doing 3/4 year now, and I just started with the western boxing.

I quited my membership at the gym for two reasons, the biggest reason was that I was spending way to much time training and to less at my education, the second was i was feeling really drained.. I think I trained to much (3x muy thai, 3x weight lifting) + my education and poker (one of my biggest hobbies) took a lot of energy. I loved muy thai, still do, so I decided to continu with that and drop the weight lifting. For me, condition is more important.

Now I want to add 1 day of weight lifting into my schedule, but Ive heard then 1 day of weight lifting is never enough to gain muscle.

My goal is to get more definition, and to get stronger.

I thought, that if I do fighting 3 times a week, I already do a lot of body work and conditioning, so 1 day a week should be enough to gain some.

my question is, is it useless to do once a week for the goal I have?


One is better than none.


Like he said , one day is better than none but it is not optimal and you shouldn't expect incredible results.

You said you used to lift 3 days a week? Remember how good (or not so good, depending on how you used to look) you looked? You aren't going to look that good or better than that by doing only one day a week of weights.


Is one really better then none?

I look better then I used to, this is because I do way more conditioning now so my bodyfat is very low (it could be lower, tho). I used to train 3 times a week, but that was purely weight lifting. Now I already do 3 times a week boxing, so adding 1 would bring my training to 4.

I don't want to overdo it, don't want to overtrain and don't want to feel drained.

I had that when I trained 3 times muy thai + 3/4 times weight lifting. I don't want to go that road, but I do want to push my limits just enough so I feel great about my training abilitys.


3 days a week boxing and one day of lifting is no where near overtraining.


okay, then forget about the word 'overtraining'. I just want to have enough energy for my education and other hobbies. I remember when I was studying, training 6 days a week, spending a lot of time on my hobbies.. socializing.. I was more drained then I had energy. Now I train 3 days a week, do pretty much the same stuf and feel great.

If you guys say once a week is enough because its better to do it once then nothing at all, then that's alright.

But if you guys say it won't add much to what I am doing already, I rather spend the night on a different way.


You should eat more.


Personally, if I do something I'm not going to do it half assed.

I would gain a little size and some strength in the beginning, but I think I'd plateau very soon and then I'd be maintaining at a very low level development.

I don't know you well enough or know anything about your genetics. I am just giving you my opinion as it pertains to me. I wouldn't be able to gain an acceptable level or strength over time by training one day a week. No matter what I ate.


thats what i thought, sam. I think i am going to leave the weight lifting out of my schedule and do some extra condition training, like mountainbiking


How about you compromise with us, and give 2 days weightlifting/week a try? There's a huge difference in gains you can make between training once or twice per week.

Hell, you could do 5/3/1 bench/squat one day, and 5/3/1 deadlift/overhead the other day and that's it! Your workouts would take no more than 20 min and you would make strength gains every week. Every 4th week is a deload, and will help you recharge. So c'mon...you have 40 min/week to spare on weight training.


Quit being a pussy.....


Quit being a pussy.....


alright, I will try that out. I do miss some weight lifting.


This is basically your best bet. 5/3/1 has already been proven to work if you get your max numbers right and put effort into the lifts. Take out all the BS and guesswork out, and just lift. Go for it, what do you have to lose? Worst comes to worst you just feel a bit tired for a week or 2 and just drop the exercise and go back to just Muay Thai boxing.


I have to agree with this. 5/3/1 already has a 2 day a week program written into it, and it's been successful for a lot of people here. Just based on that, I'd say it's worth the $20 for the e-book.

Add obligatory get your diet in order too comment here