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Muscle Cramps


Need some help on this one guys. I've returned to lifting seriously after many years off. Doing great overall, but getting the most damn painful Charlie horses (cramps) in any muscle, during my regular day. These cramps happen outside the gym, when I'm stretching after waking up, or stretching my arm to reach for something under a couch etc. The other nite I got one in bed in my r quads, nd my moaning (ok, crying) woke my wife up who helped me stretch the muscle out... HELP QUICK PLEASE!!!!!!!


kiwi, avocado, banana, sports drinks - all will help


Drink lots of Water and eat banana(s).


and keep your legs warm at night, for better circulation. I eliminated all calves cramps simply by wearing socks to bed.


I've noticed my legs, arms and chest always seem to cramp after a big session... Just deal with it.

bananna, green apples, sweet potatoe apparently help - they don't for me.


Barring injury, muscle cramps are usually the result of issues pertaining to water, vitamins, minerals, etc. People will always recommend Bananas because of their Potassium content. Potassium helps regulate water INSIDE of muscle cells, so you see where this can be beneficial.

I've had cramping issues in the past when I've slept under a draft, or near an open window (just an FYI)



Thanks a lot guys!!!! From you all said, i will try water...I dont drink much of it. As to my potassium levels, I checked it with my Doc and it is nornal...thus, lack of water must be culprit. Tnx again!!!


Interestingly enough, only adding in a bunch of H20 might only further deplete your electrolyte (potassium) levels.

Your muscles need potassium for normal functioning and an increased demands (via heavy resistance training) can necessitate increased requirements. Granted, potassium levels aren't the sole cause of muscle cramps but those high-potassium foods tend to fix the problem more often than not...


What does your warm up look like?


I suffer a lot with this, mainly towards the end of a long heavy session, but also 1 to 2 hours after the session. Electrolyte tablets help quite a bit, ( 2 pre, during if feel onset, then 2 post workout). I also have a couple of Bananas pre workout and have a good multi vitamin.

I agree too much fluid ( water ) can be as bad as too little ... its the concentration of electrolytes that is key. I feel that my post work out cramps maybe a result of drinking plenty during workout then suddenly stopping, so water consumption is now gradually tapered off post session - ie don't drink shit loads then nothing after the session!

I also feel cramp is related to recovery for me at least ... too shorter recovery will make me more prone.

Hope this helps.


Why hasn't anyone mentioned Magnesium yet?
I get bad muscle cramps from from Ankylosing Spondylitis
Taking a cheap Magnesium tablet before bed has helped me calm that shit down
and Makes it easier to get up and workout at 4am.


I had them some time ago in my calves and I would wake up during the night screaming of pain. It stopped when I gained some flexibility/mobility


One more thing: foam rolling! I had a serious attack of the cramps in my hams and abs about a year ago. Did some ART (Deep Tissue Massage), which helped a LOT, and started foam rolling, which maintains the ART results.