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Muscle cramps and pain

Hola fellow “T” people. Last Thursday I woke up with a ever so slight cramp in my neck. I went to the gym anyway and did my shoulder routine. Later on that day that pain spread from the base of my neck to the right side of my neck to almost my shoulder and down to my rhomboids on my right side. I decided not to workout on Fri, because of it. It is Sunday and the pain is still here and kind of the same as Thursday, although I’m not as stiff. I’ve been using a heat pack and “Flex All” cream to try and get rid of the pain and tightness. Stretching seems to make it worse. I don’t want to miss this week’s workouts. Any recommendations? Should I just miss them. Monday I have biceps/triceps and Tuesday is Chest and Back.

Check out Don Alessi’s article entitled “The Weakest link”. It sounds as if you would benefit from the exercises and the neck stretch.
Having been through similar problems myself, I recommend buying a really good quality pillow, make sure that you rectify any muscle imbalances.