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Muscle Cramp


As the title says, I have muscle cramping in my calf. I done calf's (calves?) on Thursday at the end of a workout. and 4-5days later its still killing me. Thought it would of been grand by the weekend but not, anyone have any idea's why and what could be done? Every so often I feel it about to cramp but shake it out because I cant stand the cramping


The usual culprits are potassium deficiency and greatly exceeding your work capacity. Calves seem to have a tough time recovering because they're used so often, especially for an active person.

Was that the first time you've worked them in a while? Did you pound the shit out of them?


This was my second or third time training them. And I did go heavier than I normally would so maybe that is the reason.


I already know the answer to this question, but I'll bite anyway:
Do you ever do any MOBILITY or SOFT TISSUE WORK on your calves?


lol I'm not gonna lie, I havnt a clue what this is..so I'm gonna say no :confused:


Okie dokie. I'm gonna say take the extra couple of minutes to include both of these in your warm up on days that you train calves. I have a hard time believing this problem will persist after a few weeks if you make a habit of it =)

You can do the first one with a tennis ball too if you don't have a foam roller available. I would recommend doing them in the order posted as well. Remember on the second one that it is not a static stretch, but more of a pulsing motion. Feel free to do these after a calf workout as well, in which case you can let the second one be a longer static stretch.