Muscle Cook books

Hi guys just wondering if anyone has any good cookbooks that have an emphasis on High Protein/Low Carb/Low fat. I just ordered the John Romano - Muscle Meals Cookbook ANYONE GOT ANY OTHER TITLE THAT ARE T-MAG WORTHY???

Let us know how it is, man, I’d be intersted in picking it up if it’s worthwhile…

I have Romano’s cookbook also. I personally think it’s a good book because I like his style of writing. Although, he has a chapter on Soy that I don’t agree with, and you would probably not agree with it too if you read T-Mag. In that same chapter, he plugs in a product for Twinlab called Vege Fuel, or something stupid like that. It’s a soy protein powder that can be used for some of his recipes. Other than that chapter, it’s a pretty good book and the illustrations are funny.

BeaR: I have the Ramano book also. He seems to be a “straight shooter”, so I think that over time, the soy stuff will probably be revised.Good book.

Every month, “Muscle Media” has EXCELLENT recipes in the back. I have a folder of ones that I’ve saved. I also understand that they MAY be coming out with a cookbook. (By the way…something that I think is REAL cool; “Biotest” is starting to show up prominently in many of the Mags and online supplement reviews, including “Muscle Media”. I think that it was “T-2 PRO” that just got a 4 plus review from them).

My wife bought me a low-carb cookbook called Lauri’s low-carb cookbook by Lauri Ann Randolph. While it’s not directed at the BB population it has some very good hi protein, low-carb receipies in it. If you are tired of the same old low carb stuff this is worth a try (try to ignore the gay looking cover-or rip it off as it may lower your T levels). Oh and the best part of it is the recepies are mostly very easy to prepare not like that crap in any Atkins book or some of the complicated methods (double boiling) in Romano’s book.

“Sliced” is a book about preparing for a BB show, but it has a whole section devoted to recipes. I can’t remember who wrote it but I bought it at my local Barnes and Noble. In faith - Matt Slaymaker

hey matt, how do u like that book. How much did you pay for it. did you have to order it or was it in stock. thanks

Not a bad book, some of the stuff is a little dated but has a lot of good info! It is usually in stock whenever I stop by B & N. In faith - Matt Slaymaker